Download Private Facebook Video Full HD 1080p

Tool to download private video on Facebook Full HD for free

How to Download Facebook Private Video 1080p

Download private Facebook video is a special feature of SaveF, allow download private video on Facebook Full HD 1080p online in a few simple steps. Support save and download private Facebook (FB) video, video in closed groups, FB video restricted by country, ..etc. In addition, it also allows extract audio (mp3) from video, download mp3 from private video quickly.

Note: You should prioritize download private FB video on PC. Operations on the computer will be faster and easier.

Steps to download private Facebook video on PC with SaveF

  • First, open the browser on your device. Go to and log in to your account.
  • Find the Facebook post with the video you want to download and tap the post time.
  • Press Ctrl+U (Windows) or ⌘-Option-U (Mac) to view the page source code.
    Right-click anywhere on Facebook and select "View Page Source" (The entire FB source code will appear).
  • Highlight the entire source code and copy it. (Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + A" on Windows or "⌘ + A" on Mac, then right-click and select "Copy").
  • Visit the website in your browser and paste the entire copied source code into input field 3 then press the "Download" button.
  • Wait a few seconds for SaveF's server to extract the video data. Once completed the download links of the video will appear.
  • Press the "Download" button to save the video to your device or press the "Render" button to merge and export Facebook video in Full HD quality.

Why should you use a Private Facebook Video Downloader?

Currently, there are many tools to support download video on Facebook. However, these tools only support download public FB video, private video cannot be downloaded. But rest assured, SaveF has integrated the download private video on Facebook feature to help you download private video from Facebook easily.

Q&A about SaveF

Can I download private Facebook video on iPhone or Android?

You can use SaveF to download private Facebook videos on any device including iPhone, iPad or Android. The download steps are the same as on PC, but you should prefer using PC to download private videos on FB.

Is download private video on Facebook anonymous?

SaveF does not request nor collect any of your information. We also do not track download history. Therefore, this tool is very secure and completely anonymous.

Why can't I download private Facebook video on the Android app?

Unfortunately, the private Facebook download feature is not yet integrated into the Android app. We will notify you when SaveF for Android integrates this feature.