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SaveFB - Tool to save Facebook video Full HD

SaveF.App is a great online solution that allows download video from Facebook (FB) in Full HD, 1080p quality with sound. This tool works based on a web browser, help you save and download FB video to phone or computer easily without need to install other software.

3 Steps to download videos Facebook with SaveF

  • 1 Copy and paste the Facebook Url into the search box on SaveF.
  • 2 Select the format and quality of the video and press the "Download" button.
  • 3 Wait for SaveF to complete processing and save FB video to your device.

Does SaveF support download Facebook (FB) video 1080p with sound?

Facebook Video Downloader created by SaveF allows to download high quality FB videos. Convert Facebook to MP4 in highest quality: FHD, 1080P & 4K, 8K with audio. The video and audio merging process is performed on SaveF's servers.

SaveF: FB Video Downloader

How to fix Facebook video download problem?

When a Facebook video is public, you can use SaveF to download the video easily. However, in some cases such as: Video in private mode, Video in closed group, Video restricted by country, you need to use the "Private Facebook Download" feature to download this video.

Facebook Downloader from SaveF

  • Facebook Video Downloader to MP4
  • Convert Facebook (FB) videos to mp3
  • Easily save videos from private Facebook
  • Merge Facebook video and audio in HD quality
  • SaveF works well on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • FB Video Downloader app for Android (apk)

SaveF.App - Download Facebook video on web browser

Download FB video on web browser is a unique feature of SaveF, allow you to save and download Facebook (FB) videos to phone or computer right on the web browser. Convert FB videos to mp4 in 1080P & HD+ quality (with sound). This is a great feature only available on SaveF.

When using SaveF, you will easily download Facebook (FB) videos and music to your device. This tool supports download public videos, FB Reels, Private videos, Videos in closed groups, merge and combine FB videos with audio, ..etc. without need to combine with other tools.

Q&A about SaveF

What is SaveF?

SaveF is the abbreviation for Save FB, an online tool that allows save and download Facebook (FB) videos to phone or computer in 1080p & 4k quality right on the web browser.

How to use SaveF to download videos on FB?

  1. Open the Facebook (FB) app on your device.
  2. Find and open the Facebook (FB) video you want to save.
  3. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the post and select "Copy link".
  4. Open the SaveF.App website, paste the FB link into the input field and press the "Download" button.
  5. Wait for the SaveF server to process and save the FB video to your device.

Can I save videos from Facebook (FB) in HD?

Yes, SaveF will merge video and audio together into a complete Facebook (FB) video in HD 1080P quality with sound. However, this process will take a little longer than download FB 720p videos.

How to download Facebook (FB) video on Android?

Do not worry. SaveF is a tool that works well on any device including PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.

Can I install SaveF app on iPhone?

Unfortunately, SaveF has not released the application on the App Store yet. However, you can access SaveF.App using the Safari browser to download Facebook videos to your iPhone or iPad easily.